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LeMieux® Merino+ Half-Lined Close Contact Square

LeMieux® Merino+ Half-Lined Close Contact Square

Item #: X1-190401
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The LeMieux® Merino+ Half-Lined Close Contact Square marks a milestone in saddle pad innovation and longevity. It is the result of extensive research and testing to find the elusive pure lambswool pad that has all the density and softness of merino lambswool, but can withstand the trials of regular washing and daily wear.

The combination of fine WoolMark accredited Australian merino wool and beautifully engineered fabrics put these Merino+ pads in a class of their own. Many issues experienced with real lambskin pads are associated with the skin getting hard and brittle. With the LeMieux Merino+ pads, the lambswool has been removed from its skin and integrated with a unique backing fabric that can expand and contract while retaining its inherent strength.

The fabric aids wicking and moisture control, with each fiber holding up to 30% its weight. The effect keeps the horse’s back cool and dry as temperature variations are also minimized.

Additionally, the density and consistent depth of the Merino+ wool means it offers a perfect fit. Its dynamic nature moves and remolds to the horse’s shape without adding too much bulk. The lambswool, dyes and fabric are all tested to human medical standards by a Swiss laboratory, so they work in harmony with even sensitive skin and are far more stable.

This LeMieux Merino+ Half-Lined Close Contact Square is made to fit most jumping saddles. Details include:

  • Quilted top.
  • High-density merino wool panels under the saddle area.
  • Girth loops with wear guards.

Remove hair, dirt and dried sweat with a stiff brush. Machine wash on a cool/wool cycle or hand wash. Straighten/flatten fabric after washing. Air dry near heat source. Never tumble dry. Avoid using strong fabric conditioners.