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Lamina Saver Hoof Supplement

Lamina Saver Hoof Supplement

LaminaSaver®, with Restaurex®, has a low molecular weight formula to support healthy hoof function. It promotes healing of several diseases of the hoof such as laminitis and founder. 1 lb powder (120-day supply) Read more…
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LaminaSaver®, with Restaurex®, is a natural dietary supplement with healing properties for horses battling laminitis, founder and other painful conditions of the hoof. Contains all-natural antioxidants that work as anti-inflammatories, connective tissue precursors and protectants. Ingredients such as nitric oxide help promote vascular dilation and better circulation/oxygen delivery. Enhances the body's natural ability to maintain good conditioning, protecting and enhancing the health of the hoof capsule, laminae (sensitive and insensitive), connective tissues, and the other important structures of your horse's hooves. 1 lb powder (120-day supply).

As an effective nutritional therapeutic, LaminaSaver® contains naturally occurring:
  • Anti-inflammatory agents
  • Pain-relieving and analgesic properties
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-parasitical properties that help reduce the chance of infection

    Recommended Dosage:
    LaminaSaver® Stronger Initial Administration: Comprises a stronger dosage program for the initial 12 weeks.
  • For an 800-pound horse, administer 1 scoop A.M. and 1 scoop P.M.
  • For horses more than 800 pounds, double the dosage.

    LaminaSaver® Stronger Maintenance Administration:
    Comprises a stronger dosage program for a minimum of 24 additional weeks after the first 12 weeks, until new hoof and connective tissue has grown.
  • For an 800-pound horse, continue administering 1 scoop once a day or 1/2 scoop A.M. and 1/2 scoop P.M.
  • For horses more than 800 pounds, double the dosage.