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For more than 160 years, Königs--which means king in German--has produced exceptional quality riding boots. Crafted with high technical diligence and individually handmade, the king of riding boots meets a high standard of workmanship. Tradition and trends characterize the range of Königs boot models.

Königs boots have always been made in Germany by skilled craftsmen. The company uses materials and methods that are as environmentally-friendly as possible. Materials are locally produced and sustainable. Only the finest materials are selected to become Königs footwear, including strong and smooth aniline calf leather, one of the most valuable leathers available.

Aniline leather is full-grain leather that is fully colored during the tanning-process. After tanning, a thin protective coating makes the boot water- and fat-resistant. Because the natural character of leather hides is revealed, only perfect skins are considered for aniline leather. In fact, only 10% of all leather hides can be used for aniline leather so that no quality defects are apparent in the finished product. The full-grain leather is chrome-tanned and very robust. Patent leather used for boots is ultra-shiny full-grain leather with a reflective facing resulting from a thin lacquer coating.

Durability is built into every Königs design to assure the footwear lasts. Additionally, unlike cheaper boots that use laminated leathers and glued soles, traditionally made Königs boots can be stretched and resoled.

Königs boots are available in stock options and in full and semi custom styles. Consider this brand for your own riding boots for schooling and competition.