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Kare-Pro 50 Equine Trimmer

Kare-Pro 50 Equine Trimmer

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Kare-Pro 50 Equine Trimmer

Item #: Z1-18136A
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The Kare-Pro 50 Equine Trimmer with brushless motor is a low-noise, low-vibration design ideal for trimming a horse’s head and legs. It runs cordless on a lithium battery and uses an adjustable ceramic blade.

Suitable for both large and small animals, this multiuse trimmer provides fast, accurate and powerful clipping. No air vents means no clogging from dust, dirt or hair. Unique technology lets it provide 10,000 hours lifetime—10 times longer than conventional clippers.

The Kare-Pro ceramic blade is long-lasting and should provide more than 200 hours of use with proper cleaning and oiling. Ergonomic and lightweight, it is easy to handle.

Key features:

  • No carbon brushes or physical commutator, so no loss of action.
  • No centrifugal force; higher output torque.
  • Won’t clog with dirt, hair or dust.
  • Fast clipping with 5,500 double strokes per minute.
  • Lithium polymer battery.
  • Adjustable blades (0.8, 1.2, 1.6 and 2.0mm); no need to set tension.
  • Charges in 2.5 hours; runs cordless 3.5 hours.
  • 5500 rpm.
  • LED indications.
  • Weighs 290 grams.

The Kare-Pro 50 includes a 230v to 12v DC adaptor and comes in a convenient, compact, carryall case with oil, brush and four combs (3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm) as well as a charging stand.

25cm x 21cm x 8cm.