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New Tack Innovation

As riders, we want our horses to be comfortable in their tack so they can perform at their best. We put our expertise to work and developed the New innovative InDulge™ Collection of performance bridles and halters. This exclusive collection offers new shock-absorbing Flex-Cushion™ technology, premium leather and exceptional comfort. To provide the best value and performance for the price, we developed the Debut Saddle Collection. The collection includes seven models all classically styled and designed to support good riding habits from the very first ride. We hope you’ll enjoy our New Generation of Tack. Thank you for riding with Dover Saddlery.

Elevated Comfort lets your horse focus on the job

InDulge™ bridles and halters elevate a horse’s comfort to a new level with unique and exclusive Flex-Cushion™ hidden inside key areas of each finely crafted piece. Soft, yet resilient, Flex-Cushion™ absorbs shock and distributes pressure to an extent never before experienced in a bridle or halter. Flex-Cushion™ was tested in New England’s harsh winter cold to ensure it remained pliable and shock absorbent. This innovative material is wrapped in premium supple leather beautifully stitched to please discerning dressage, hunter, jumper and event riders.

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Strategic Flex-Cushion™ Placement

Halter: Crownpiece and nose
Bridle: Crownpiece, may also be found in noseband and chin pad, depending on bridle style and function
Figure-8 Bridle: Crownpiece, cheekpaddles and center nose piece.

Our New Debut Saddle Collection— The Best Value in Performance for the Price

Steeped in the long-standing success of the Circuit® Saddle collection, our Debut Saddles deliver the best value in performance for the price. Now every rider can choose from a range of quality leather saddles. Our original model from our Debut Saddle collection earned multiple five star reviews for its classic look, correct balance and affordability. We built upon the success of that model by adding features found in more expensive saddles, such as supple covered leather and the Rotate-to-Fit (RTF) adjustable gullet. Each Debut Saddle features: medium-deep seat, moderate triangle front knee blocks, padded knee rolls, laser-cut foam panels and a polymer tree with lifetime warranty.

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