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Happy Mouth Bits® French Link King Hunter D-Ring Pro Bit

Happy Mouth

Happy Mouth Bits® French Link King Hunter D-Ring Pro Bit

This Happy Mouth Bits® King Dee Pro French Link Snaffle Bit features a mouthpiece covered with soft, flexible and durable apple-scented plastic. This mouthpiece material is designed to encourage softness and bit acceptance. Steel core, French link and cheeks.

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Item #: X1-01117
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By Happy Mouth Bits®, the French Link King Dee Pro Bit features soft, flexible, yet extremely durable, apple-scented plastic on the mouthpiece to encourages acceptance and softness. The jointed core, French link and rings are stainless steel. 

This is a mild bit design with a mouthpiece that some horses find more comfortable than a single-jointed snaffle as it puts pressure on the tongue rather than the bars. Dee rings offer some lateral stability. 


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