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What is HorsePal?

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HorsePal Q&A

What HorsePal does and doesn't do.

DOES -Read the temperature and humidity under the blanket to inform you when your horse is too cold/warm or at the right temperature. It records readings every 15 minutes and has the ability to synch and provide data for 3 previous days.

DOESN’T – Give you real time alerts to your phone. You must move within range of the horse blanket sensor device and sync to retrieve your data. This distance may vary depending on conditions, but can be as far as 197 feet.

How often do I need to download data?
Your horse blanket sensor will store the 3 days’ previous temperature/ humidity and comfort readings, as well as giving you an environmental temperature, so you should sync and download once every three days at a minimum for continuous data on your horse.

How much data (i.e., how many hours/days) does it transfer each sync?
The HorsePal horse blanket sensor will wake up once every 15 mins to capture ambient and external readings. When you connect your sensor with your smartphone, it will pick up the previous 3 days’ data or if performed more frequently, the data since the last sync. The sync between sensor and phone does not use up cellular data, but a small amount is used to send your information to the cloud where you can later decipher the information in much more detail through your webapp in the comfort of your own home at your computer. The phone connecting with your horse blanket sensor is an automatic process - the sensor will wake and be visible to your smartphone once within range.

Can the sensor be read via WiFi remotely?
No, not with this version.

Can the sensor be read from inside my house?
It would depend on the environment, but for best results it is recommended and designed for people on the move or at the stable who would prefer to thoroughly examine the fine detail on their laptop interface later.

Why is HorsePal valuable to the user?

The HorsePal horse blanket sensor and app provide information to let the user know whether the horse is blanketed too heavy or light, or if they have been blanketed too soon after exercising. The HorsePal app also shows the difference between various horses’ comfort zones. Much like humans, no two horses are the same; some horses run a bit warmer than others and need their blankets adjusted accordingly. The HorsePal blanket sensor will help you learn about your horse's needs and help you feel confident about your day-to-day blanketing decisions.

Why should a horse owner or caretaker be interested in having this information?

It is invaluable to know if you horse is warm or cold. You cannot be there 24 hours a day, so by reading your sensor you can be prepared and adjust your blanketing accordingly. If the temperature drops during the night you may need to consider increasing the weight of your blanket.

How does this provide added value to a Rambo purchase?

The HorsePal horse blanket sensor measures temperature and humidity, and therefore helps identify the perfect blanket weight your horse should wear. This is invaluable to owners who are unsure of what blanket to use or large barns where instead of blanketing one weight for all, they can tailor the blanket to the individual horses' needs, giving owners peace of mind.

Can the HorsePal sensor and app be purchased independently, or is it only as a gift with the purchase of a Rambo Turnout Blanket exclusively at Dover Saddlery?

It cannot be purchased separately. The HorsePal Horse Monitor is exclusively with purchase at Dover Saddlery stores, online, or via Dover phones and live chat.

Why does Dover Saddlery have this exclusively with Horseware and no one else?

Horseware has a very strong relationship with Dover Saddlery spanning over 32 years, collaborating on ideas together to help bring the customer the most innovative products. Dover has always brought the best most cutting edge products to their customers first, therefore they were the perfect partner to launch this initiative with.

What’s the retail value of this tool?

The product is expected to retail for $60.

What are the Top 3 things it does?

1. Measures the horse’s temperature
2. Measures humidity
3. Offers peace of mind for the owner

How to will I install the sensor on the blanket?

There are several ways to install the sensor:

1. Use the lanyard provided to loop the sensor to the upper hood loop (or liner loop if there are no hood loops) on your blanket.
2. Use the split ring included to attach the sensor to the inner lining of the blanket inside the pocket provided. You will need to make a small hole to pierce the ring through. This will NOT void your Horseware blanket warranty.
3. Use the button provided to attach the lanyard to your liner when you introduce a liner to the blanket using the pocket provided.
4. Hand stitch the pocket provided into the lining of the blanket (taking care not to damage the lining).

Does installing the sensor on the blanket void the warranty?

No, it does not void your warranty as long as the sensor is affixed using the instructions given and care is taken not to damage the fabrics of the blanket.

What if the unit fails?

If the unit fails please return to Horseware directly (not to Dover Saddlery) for inspection and if deemed a manufacturing issue it will be replaced immediately.

Does it come with batteries?

Yes, batteries are included in the box to be installed when you receive your sensor.

How easy is it to install and use?

It is very easy to install in your blanket (see instructions for details) and link to your app. Daily updates take approx. 30 seconds to be performed.

What’s the metal button for?

The metal button does not have a direct purpose, but can be used as a button for any need.
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