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You’ll find all sorts of tools and accessories to make trucking easier on you and your horse. Here is a list of suggestions.

Trailering Supplies:
  • To be courteous to the places you visit, you’ll need a manure fork, muck bucket and possibly a broom to clean up after your horse. A Mini Future Fork is a handy size for trucking as it is a petite, space-saving version of the original.

  • When you travel, take along an equine medical kit.

  • If you plan to tie your horse to the side of your trailer when you arrive at your destination, use a breakaway trailer tie such as the Tie Safe Trailer Tie or bring along a piece of twine. Attach the twine to the tie hook on your trailer, and then the horse to the tie. This way, the twine will break if the horse panics.

  • You’ll need a bucket for drinking water for your horse, and a bucket and sponge for cooling down your sweaty horse after exercise in warm weather. You’ll also want to pack an ample supply of water so that you have it in the instance of a breakdown, and you won’t have to worry about finding a water source when you arrive at your destination.

  • You’ll need a hay bag or hay net. A wide selection of bags exist, including fabric bags designed to cut dust, corner feeder bags, cotton rope hay nets and nylon mesh hay nets. No matter what kind you use, be sure that it is fastened securely at a height at which a horse cannot get a leg entangled in it. To shop our entire selection of hay nets and bags online, click here.

  • If you have to pack an entire bale of hay, consider using a bale bag to keep the hay contained, out of the sun and free of road spray.

  • Pack a fire extinguisher designed for dousing electrical res, a Trailer Aid or suitable jack for changing at trailer tires, and a tire chock.

  • Take an extra halter, which should be breakaway or leather, and an extra lead line in case your primary ones break.

  • Pack a flashlight with fully charged batteries.

  • In winter, pack a supply of sand and a snow shovel in case you get stuck. Include an extra blanket for your horse, and one for you to keep warm in the instance of a breakdown.

  • Accessories you might want to include for your trailer include a spare tire cover to protect the tire from harsh weather, a hitch cover to prevent water from seeping into the electrical system, and trailer covers to keep a stored trailer free of dirt and debris.

  • If you have a dressing room, you may want to outfit it with a mirror and one of a variety of travel style grooming bags designed for mounting in a trailer.

  • If you don’t have a dressing room with built-in saddle racks, you might want to take along a collapsible saddle stand to hold your tack when you arrive at your destination.

  • The Trailer Eyes Wireless Monitoring System can help you align your trailer ball and hitch, and can enable you to monitor the horses inside your trailer.

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