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Hit-Air® Airbag Vest

Hit-Air Protective Vest HIT AIR AIRBAG VEST Hit-Air® Airbag Vest
Colors/Options: Black

Hit-Air® Airbag Vest

The Hit-Air® Airbag Vest Model SV2 inflates with air in .25 of a second. Airbag technology cushions key areas of the body and reduces chance of serious injury. This inflatable riding vest is light in weight and won't restrict your movement.

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2XS- S
Item #: X1-40056
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Super lightweight, cool and comfortable, the Hit-Air® Airbag Vest Model SV2 is designed for rider sizes 2XS-S. Neck and torso, hips and spine are cushioned with air when system is activated. A high-speed airbag deployment system uses a CO2 cartridge to inflate the vest in .25 of a second; the inflated vest helps absorb impact. After the airbag inflates, air is slowly released through a release valve. It’s so cool and comfortable, you’ll hardly notice it while riding. Includes one CO2 cartridge and bungee lanyards. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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**Protective Vest Notice, Disclaimer & Warning

All equestrian sports are dangerous and involve the risk of serious injury or death. A properly fitted protective vest or body protector may offer protection against some injuries. However, protective vests and body protectors do not all conform to a uniform set of safety standards. Protective vests and body protectors offering more protection may be capable of being designed and/or may not e presently available. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser (or in the case of minors, the parent, or other responsible adult) to select an appropriate protective vest or body protector that is well suited to the rider's level of expertise and riding discipline and to ensure it is properly fitted. Dover Saddlery neither specifies nor recommends any particular protective vest or body protector and undertakes no responsibility or liability therewith.

CAUTION: Dover Saddlery disclaims any responsibility for injuries or death incurred while wearing any of the protective vests offered for sale. Representations regarding testing results, equipment ratings, product specifications, ASTM and/or SEI standards, and the adequacy of all such standards and designations are made solely by the product’s manufacturer. Dover Saddlery does not warrant or confirm the representations of the manufacturers. Dover Saddlery makes no representations expressed or implied regarding the fitness of these products for any particular purpose nor the extent to which the products protect riders from injury or death. By purchasing any of the protective vests offered for sale and using it in an equestrian sport, the purchaser AGREES FREELY AND VOLUNTARILY TO ASSUME ALL RISKS RELATED TO EQUESTRIAN SPORTS, including the risk of personal injury, damage, death or property damage. Further, to the maximum extent permitted by law, the purchaser does release Dover Saddlery from any and all responsibility or legal liability related to purchaser’s participation in equestrian activities.