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Now available in the Marcel Toulouse Annice Saddle and the Marcel Toulouse Aachen Dressage Saddle

Click here for the M. Toulouse Annice Saddle

Click here Here for the M. Toulouse Aachen Dressage Saddle

The innovative Genesis adjustable gullet system allows a single saddle to custom fit all your horses. Genesis is the only adjustable system that gives you virtually any saddle width needed - millimeter by millimeter. With its integral parts constructed of casehardened steel, the Genesis is also backed by a 10-year guarantee. Adjustments are made quickly and easily in three steps using the included hex wrench. Simply unlock the gullet, adjust the gullet width and lock in the new width - all without taking the saddle apart! A small, discreet leather-covered flap underneath the saddle is all you need to open to make adjustments. Once the adjustment is made, the tree locks securely in place.

Genesis Tree

Follow these 3 easy steps to adjust your Genesis Tree:

  • First, lay the saddle upside-down on a flat surface with the cantle facing you. Open the flap between the panels and use the t-handled hex wrench to just loosen the two set screws. Take care to simply loosen them. Don't remove the set screws.
  • Second, put the double-sided adjustment pen in the holes of the adjustment wheel to turn it. Rotating the wheel towards you will widen the gullet, and rotating the wheel away from you will narrow the gullet. Stop turning when you feel resistance as you have reached maximum adjustment of the tree.
  • Third, when you've adjusted the gullet to the desired width, lightly tighten the two set screws with the t-handle hex wrench. Take care to just lightly tighten the set screws as over-tightening the screws may cause damage. Close the velcro flaps and you are ready to ride.

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