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Fura-Zone Ointment

Fura-Zone Ointment

The active ingredient in Fura-Zone is Nitrofurazone, which helps prevent and treat surface bacteria. Apply to wounds and skin abrasions on horses. Washes off easily. 1 lb.

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1 lb
Item #: X1-22374
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Fura-Zone Ointment is a water soluable antimicrobial preparation containing .2% Nitrofurazone. This ointment can be used to help prevent surface bacterial infections in wounds, burns and cutaneous ulcers. From Squire Labs. 1 lb.

Fura-Zone Wound Ointment
Ingredients: 0.2% Nitrofurazone, in a Water Soluble Base of Polyethylene Glycols

Directions For Use: Apply directly on the lesion with a spatula or first place on a piece of gauze. Application of a bandage is optional. This preparation should be in contact with the lesion for at least 24 hours. The dressing may be changed several times daily or left on the lesion for a longer period.