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Fleck® Sparkle Dressage Whip

FLECK SPARKLE DRESSAGE WHIP Fleck Sparkle Dressage Whip Fleck® Sparkle Dressage Whip
Colors/Options: Blue Lilac Pink

Fleck® Sparkle Dressage Whip

For extra fun schooling, the Fleck® Sparkle Dressage Whip is brightly colored and sparkly. This dressage whip is fitted with a slip-resistant grip. Read more…
Item #: X1-14131
List: $34.95
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The Fleck® Sparkle Dressage Whip is brightly colored with sparkles. Nonslip grip. Fairly flexible.

Made in Germany.

How to Measure a Dressage Whip To meet United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) rules for competition, a whip should be measured from the outside of the butt end to the end of the lash. Consult the USEF Rulebook for current permissible lengths for tests and divisions in competition. Any whip with an adjustable length may not be carried by a mounted rider.

When you are choosing a dressage whip for schooling or competition, you may wish to keep the 2018 USEF Rule governing whip length in mind as a guideline:

• For all classes, a whip no longer than 47.2 inches (120 cm), including lash, may be carried (with class restrictions). This length is ideal for the average sized horse.

• However, when a whip is permitted for FEI Pony Tests, the maximum length allowed is 39.37 inches (100 cm). This shorter length is ideal for a large pony.

In some cases for training, you may wish to carry a longer whip than the maximum allowed; consult your trainer.