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Espree® Fly Spray Concentrate


Espree® Fly Spray Concentrate

One quart of Espree® Fly Spray Concentrate makes up to five quarts of fly repellent. This all-natural formula works to repel flies, gnats and other insects from horses.  Aloe vera, coat conditioners and sunscreen help maintain a healthy coat as citronella, cedarwood and eucalyptus oils keep pests away.

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Item #: X1-23267
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Espree® Fly Spray Concentrate is an all-natural blend of gentle ingredients, including botanical oils, that repels flies, gnats and other flying insects from horses.  Espress also contains organic aloe vera, coat conditioners and sunscreen to promote a healthy coat. Active ingredients are citronella oil, cedarwood oil and eucalyptus oil. Just add five parts water to one part concentrate in a clean spray container of your choice. When pest activity is high, use four parts water to one part concentrate. Quart.