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Espree® Fly Spray Concentrate

Espree® Fly Spray Concentrate

One quart of Espree® Fly Spray Concentrate makes up to five quarts of fly repellent. This all-natural formula works to repel flies, gnats and other insects from horses.  Aloe vera, coat conditioners and sunscreen help maintain a healthy coat as citronella, cedarwood and eucalyptus oils keep pests away.

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Item #: X1-23267
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Espree® Fly Spray Concentrate is an all-natural blend of gentle ingredients, including botanical oils, that repels flies, gnats and other flying insects from horses.  Espress also contains organic aloe vera, coat conditioners and sunscreen to promote a healthy coat. Active ingredients are citronella oil, cedarwood oil and eucalyptus oil. Just add five parts water to one part concentrate in a clean spray container of your choice. When pest activity is high, use four parts water to one part concentrate. Quart.


Throughout fly season, rotate the locations of your fly traps to identify areas where the most adult flies are trapped. Also, rotate the types of fly sprays you use so that your fly population doesn't become resistant to your favorite spray. Be sure to bathe your horse thoroughly in between switching types of spray.