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Equithrive® Original Joint Powder Molasses Flavor

Equithrive® Original Joint Powder Molasses Flavor

Made for picky eaters, Equithrive® Original Joint Powder Molasses Flavor helps to ensure your horse or pony consumes the joint support formula. Negligible sugar content of 4.5%. 2 lb.

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Item #: X1-220545
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Equithrive® Original Joint Powder Molasses Flavor was formulated for horses that are particularly picky eaters. The natural molasses flavor used in this new formulation makes the supplement extremely palatable. The sugar content of the Molasses Flavor formulation does not exceed the low sugar content in the Original Joint formulation, which is a negligible 4.5%.

This equine supplement is designed to provide clinically proven joint support for horses during aging, training and competition. This product features a proprietary resveratrol ingredient, Resverasyn®, and hyaluronic acid (HA). Resverasyn is a micro-encapsulated, highly bioavailable resveratrol product which produces high circulating levels of resveratrol after oral administration for maximum therapeutic effects. Resveratrol helps support a healthy inflammatory response in joint tissues and may protect the joint from the damaging effects of free radicals through its antioxidant activity.

HA is an important structural building block in joint tissues. Oral administration of HA helps support healthy cartilage tissue and nourishes joint-lubricating synovial fluid.

Made in Kentucky, Equithrive Complete Joint Pellets can be used on a long-term daily basis without gastrointestinal side effects. Ingredients are compliant with FEI and USEF regulations.

Active ingredients: Resverasyn (500 mg), yielding Resveratrol (350 mg), HA (50 mg), saccharomyces cerevisiae (6.2 B CFU) per scoop.

Inactive ingredients: diatomaceous earth, distillers dried grains with solubles, grape pomace powder, vegetable oil, yeast culture.

Dosage: 1 scoop = 7.5 grams (scoop included). Give 4 scoops daily as loading or intensive dose; 2 scoops daily as maintenance dose. 8 pounds.