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Equine Elixirs Sudden Comfort® 

Equine Elixirs®

Equine Elixirs Sudden Comfort® 

Item #: X1-220814
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Equine Elixirs Sudden Comfort® Fast-Acting Calming Paste uses a proprietary amino acid intermediate in the synthesis of serotonin, which is more effective than traditional tryptophan. Sudden Comfort’s concentrated 30ml volume paste is convenient, smells good and tastes great to horses. Combined with other ingredients for optimal nervous system function, Sudden Comfort is effective and easy to administer.

Key features:

  • Acts within 90 minutes.
  • Convenient prefilled, one-dose 30ml oral syringe.
  • Helps support proper nervous system function.
  • Fresh orange smell and taste.
  • May administer a second tube 30 minutes before event for extra support.
  • Helps improve focus in stressful situations.

Active ingredients: proprietary blend of magnesium oxide, magnesium glycinate, hydroxytryptophan, whey protein, L-theanine, inositol, taurine, pyridoxine.


  • Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven.
  • Should not be used for animals intended for human consumption.

30ml oral syringe.