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Equi-Logic Equalizing Side Reins

Colors/Options: Black

Equi-Logic Equalizing Side Reins

Item #: X1-30220
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Equalizing Side Reins by Equi-Logic feature an innovative design in the style of German sliding side reins. Made with quality hardware and heavy 1" cotton strapping with multiple d-rings, they are intended to be used when lungeing. 

Equalizing Side Reins encourage the horse to stretch forward and downward in three progressive levels of development: long and low, working frame, higher frame. Featuring a sliding snap that attaches to the bit, the Equalizing Side Reins then attach to the girth and the saddle d-ring in three different configurations. The sliding snap allows the horse freedom of movement to find the optimal position without feeling confined, and the horse is prevented from leaning against the side reins.

When used properly, this is a useful training aid for promoting the horse's balance and self-carriage. Pair.

Made in the USA.
Regular(48" to center and 96" full length), Long(60" to center and 120" full length).