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Effol® Mouth Butter


Effol® Mouth Butter

Effol® Mouth Butter is designed to promote bit acceptance and a soft mouth. It can be applied to the bit to create a pleasing taste and to the corners of the horse’s mouth, where it cares for the skin and helps reduce friction, pinching and irritations caused by the bit.

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Effol® Mouth Butter can help encourage a soft mouth and bit acceptance in horses. Applied to either or both the bit and corners of the horse’s lips, Effol Mouth Butter can help reduce bit friction and pinching, and it can soothe irritations caused by the bit. Horses love the fresh taste, which helps stimulate chewing activity, improve bit acceptance and enhance performance.

The rich formula cares for the sensitive mouth and protects tender corners with zinc oxide and balsam of Peru. Allantoin helps keep the lips soft and supple. Mouth Butter also helps the bit slide more easily into a comfortable position in the mouth.

Made in Germany.
150 ml (5.1 oz.)