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Dover Saddlery® Slotted Figure-8 Noseband

Colors/Options: Brown

Dover Saddlery® Slotted Figure-8 Noseband

The competitively priced Dover Saddlery® Slotted Figure-8 Noseband in quality leather offers workmanship usually found in higher priced bridles.

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Item #: X1-0867
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About Figure-8 Bridles
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Made from hand-selected leather, the Dover Saddlery® Slotted Figure-8 Noseband features extra-fine stitching, hand-rubbed edges and stainless steel hardware.


Figure-8 Bridles
The figure-8 bridle is a snaffle bridle that takes its name from the type of noseband it features: the figure-8. The strap on this type of noseband crosses from one of the horse's cheekbones over his nose, under his chin and up to the other cheekbone- literally in a figure-8 shape.

A noseband design preferred by avid jumpers and cross country riders, it essentially helps a horse remain focused and engaged in his work and can help horses that try to evade the bit. Because the design offers a stronger effect even with a mild snaffle bit, the figure-8 noseband is generally used only with horses that need additional support. Some figure-8 nosebands have a sheepskin-lined pad on the nosepiece to provide cushioning over the horse's nasal bone.

This type of noseband must be adjusted properly to ensure against interference with the horse's nostrils and breathing. Additional holes are often required to achieve the proper fit.

Modern figure-8 bridles typically have a single crownpiece that is slightly contoured and padded for horse comfort. Rubber reins are the most commonly seen type of rein with a figure-8 bridle as they provide long-lasting grip in all weather conditions.

Styling on a figure-8 bridle can be flat or raised and plain or fancy-stitched. Your choice of plain or fancy-stitched styling is a matter of personal taste and can reflect how to best flatter your horse's appearance.