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Dover Saddlery® Fillis Stirrup Irons

Dover Saddlery® Fillis Stirrup Irons

A classic choice in stirrup iron for all disciplines. Dover Saddlery® Fillis Stirrup Irons in stainless steel offer a great value. Pair.

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Item #: X1-0725
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How to Size Stirrup Irons
Ordering Replacement Stirrup Pads
How to Choose Stirrup Irons
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The most popular style of English stirrup irons across all disciplines. Dover Saddlery® Fillis Stirrup Irons are crafted to last in stainless steel. White rubber pads are included. Pair.


How to Size Stirrup Irons
Stirrup iron sizing is measured in inches inside the branches along the top of the footbed. Correctly sized irons are critical for good riding; an iron should be 1" wider than the width of your boot at the ball of the foot. With your foot in the iron, you should have 1/2" inch of space on each side for safe clearance.

If you change your boot style to a thicker style, such as an insulated winter riding boot, you may need to get larger sized irons for the season.

While you don't want your boot to fit too snugly into your iron, you also don't want your iron to be too wide. This could allow your foot could slip "home" more easily, and you may struggle to keep your irons in the correct position on the balls of your feet.

The most common size stirrup iron for adults is 4 3/4". Sizing for children varies greatly by age and foot size; irons are available starting a 4".

Ordering Replacement Stirrup Pads
Replacement stirrup pads are available if you lose or wear out the pads that originally accompanied your irons or if you want to try a different type of tread.

You'll find heavy-duty textured rubber, metal grate, and polymer replacement pads. For an ideal fit, choose replacement pads according to the brand and make of your stirrups.

Order replacement pads according to the size of your stirrup irons. For example, if your stirrup irons are 4 3/4", order 4 3/4" replacement pads.

Replacement rubber bands and leather tabs are also available to keep Peacock stirrups in working order.
How to Choose Stirrup Irons
Stirrup irons for English riding disciplines come in a variety of styles. The style you choose depends on your riding discipline and any special preferences or needs you may have.

  • Traditional Fillis irons are appropriate for all disciplines, are made of durable stainless steel with replaceable rubber footpads, and come at a range of prices.
  • Quick release stirrups are designed to free your foot in the event of a fall. Popular types are Peacock, with one side made up of a rubber band that will snap off, and Foot Free, with one side sculpted to allow your foot to slip out if necessary.
  • Offset stirrup irons are Fillis style with a stirrup leather hole placed to help the leather lie flat against your leg and saddle. The design helps you keep the stirrup straight against the ball of your foot and can make recovering lost stirrups easier.
  • Flexible stirrups are designed to help lessen joint pain and/or assist you with leg and foot positioning. Flexible features can include a footpiece with a swivel action, or jointed branches, or an adjustable top that allows stirrups to hang at differing angles.
  • Lightweight, composite stirrups are designed to help competitive riders concerned with speed lessen weight.

Stirrup Pads
Stirrup irons come with stirrup pads provided by the manufacturer; some technical stirrups include two sets of varying levels of grip.

Types of pads depend on the style of stirrup, and all types have treads to offer traction. The most common types are:
  • Textural, heavy-duty rubber.
  • Metal grates with spikes for maximum grip.
  • Textural, plastic/polymer.

Some stirrup pads offer the added benefit of providing cushioning or shock absorption.