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TRU-Fit™ Build-A-Bridle™ Crownpiece

TRU-Fit™ Build-A-Bridle™ Crownpiece

Item #: X1-44051
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How to Measure
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Part of the TRU-Fit™ Bridlework Collection, this Build-A-Bridle™ Crownpiece helps you create a beautiful, custom-fit bridle for your horse. The flexible Build-A-Bridle program lets your hard-to-fit horse experience comfort like never before, as the bridle will be tailored to his or her unique measurements.

A single crown design with light padding over the poll, this Build-A-Bridle Crownpiece includes these key features:

  • Argentine leather arrives slightly preconditioned to reduce break-in time.
  • Timeless and attractive chocolate color complements most saddles.
  • Skived edges present a finished quality.
  • Reverse-punched holes allow easy adjustments.

A variety of matching reins are sold separately to ensure flexibility of rider preferences across disciplines.

To measure:

1) Stretch a cloth tape measure from one corner of your horse’s mouth over the poll to the other corner of the mouth. Record the number of inches for factoring cheek piece length.

2) Measure from the side of your horse’s face over the poll to the other side at the points where the browband will attach to the crownpiece.