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Dr. Cook's Beta BitlessBridle™

Dr. Cook's Beta BitlessBridle™

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Dr. Cook’s Beta BitlessBridle™ combines bitless benefits and easy care. A practical innovation, Beta is a synthetic material that combines the strength of nylon with the easy care of vinyl. It has a slight textured surface with leather-like, low-sheen finish.

The BitlessBridle™ is designed to allow for kinder, more comfortable control, increased energy, more forward motion and improved balance and concentration. Reins are not included.

The Bitless Bridle was developed by veterinarian Dr. Robert Cook, FRCVS., PhD, Professor of Surgery Emeritus of Tufts University, Massachusetts. A lifetime of clinical and practical experience left Dr. Cook looking for an alternative to traditionally held beliefs on bits and bridles—and the Bitless Bridle was born. With a subtle but simple system of two loops, one over the poll and one over the nose, the Bitless Bridle provides the rider with effective communication through the ability to apply gentle and painless pressure to either the whole head for slowing or stopping, or half the head for steering.

  • Kinder, comfortable control: The Bitless Bridle controls by non-painful pressure on poll, cheek and nose, using a patented loop system. It allows a more natural position of head and neck. Control is no longer dependent on mouth pressure. The Bitless Bridle pushes, whereas a bit pulls.
  • Increased energy: Over flexion at the poll can obstruct the airway at the throat. A horse that resists the bit or retracts its tongue behind the bit can cause the soft palate to rise and obstruct the airway. Without a bit, the horse can obtain more oxygen which, in turn, increases energy and improves performance.
  • More forward motion: The Bitless Bridle permits more neck freedom so essential for any athlete. The neck of a horse that leans on the bit tends to be tight and rigid. Stiffness of gait follows and the power, grace and rhythm of a horse's natural movement is limited.
  • Improved balance and concentration: The Bitless Bridle can help improve a horse’s balance, especially one who tends to lean on a bit. Riders have reported that by removing the bit the stride lengthens; there is more impulsion and less fussiness. The horse can concentrate on his job, not the bit.