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Dover is proud to announce the Dover Wallet - a new addition to our website that allows you to store and manage your payment options online. You credit and debit cards are stored with enhanced security - when you add your physical card to your Dover Wallet, it is stored as a virtual card. It will have a unique virtual card number that is only associated with Dover Saddlery's website, and cannot be used elsewhere, giving you peace of mind and making your ordering process easy. You don't need to have a Dover Visa to utilize Dover Wallet.


Do I have to have an account to store my credit card?

What cards can I store and use?

How do I add a card?

How do I remove a card?

Can I add or use Gift Cards in Dover Wallet?
At this time, Gift Cards cannot be saved to your Dover Wallet.

How do I use a credit card with My Wallet?

How do I add my credit card to My Wallet?

What happens if one of my credit cards expires in My Wallet?