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Build-A-Bridle - SAVE 50%
The fit Solution for Horses of All Sizes

Our Dover Saddlery TRU•Fit Bridlework lets you create a beautiful, custom-fit bridle for your horse. Following our measurement guidelines, you can select bridle components from our flexible Build-A-Bridle program that will let your hard-to-fit horse experience comfort like never before. All TRU•Fit bridlework components have been designed to work together to provide increased comfort and support. All bridlework is classically styled and crafted from rich chocolate leather preconditioned for comfort on day one.

4 Easy Steps To Build Your Custom Bridle

Step 1

Choose Your Crownpiece

Unique is a Dutch Warmblood with a long face

Step 2

Choose Your Browband

Song is a Hanoverian with a wide brow

Step 3

Choose Your Cheek Piece

Gwen is a Belgium Warmblood with a large face and smaller brow

Step 4

Choose Your Noseband

Happy is a Hanoverian with a short face, wide cheek and brow

All size chart and measuring information is located on the individual product pages.