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Public Announcements

USDF/Dover Adult Amateur Medal Program

Attention Second Level Adult Amateur Riders:

We are pleased to remind riders that the _______________________________ (name of horse show) is an official host of the USDF/Dover Adult Amateur Medal class.

The USDF/Dover Adult Medal will be awarded to the highest scoring Second Level Adult Amateur rider with a score of at least 60% in the 2nd Level Test 3 class on _______________________ (day).

  • The winner for the USDF/Dover Adult medal class will receive a $20.00 Dover Saddlery gift card and a pewter medal neck ribbon.

  • Winners of 3 Dover Medal classes are awarded a USDF/Dover National Merit Award and will receive a special award from Dover Saddlery.

  • All winners of the USDF/Dover National Merit Awards are eligible for the national year-end awards:

The USDF/Dover Adult Medal Champion receives a $1000 Dover Saddlery gift certificate.

The USDF/Dover Adult Medal Reserve Champion receives a $500 Dover Saddlery gift certificate.