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Dover Saddlery® InDulge™ Figure-8 Bridle

Dover Saddlery® InDulge™ Figure-8 Bridle 0120240_1.jpg 0120240_2.jpg 0120240_3.jpg 0120240_4.jpg 0120240_5.jpg
Colors/Options: Oakbark
Dover Saddlery

Dover Saddlery® InDulge™ Figure-8 Bridle

Elevate your horse’s comfort with our Dover Saddlery® InDulge™ Figure-8 Bridle with Flex-Cushion™ hidden in key areas.

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Item #: X1-120240
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Our Dover Saddlery® InDulge™ Figure-8 Bridle takes your horse’s comfort to the next level while offering distinctive style. Shock absorbent Flex-Cushion™ hidden inside areas that are especially sensitive in a figure-8 bridle disperses pressure; it’s inside the paddles behind the rings, inside the center piece of the nose and in the single contoured crownpiece.

Crafted from quality oakbark leather, this bridle accepts oil readily, allowing you to tailor the color to your taste. Thoughtful details include fancy stitching on the browband and nose piece, plus extra-fine topstitching throughout. Hardware is made of stainless steel for durability. Flexi-rubber 5/8"W x 54"L reins are included. Browband is 7/8" wide; nose is 1" wide; cheek pieces are 1/2" wide.

Note: Due to the extraordinary comfort provided by the flex-cushion crownpiece, attachment of a crown nameplate is not recommended. Please use a bridle tag instead.