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Dover Saddlery® Flash Noseband

Colors/Options: Black/Black

Dover Saddlery® Flash Noseband

The Dover Saddlery® Flash Noseband makes a great replacement noseband for any black dressage bridle. It's crafted from quality leather with hand-rubbed edges, stainless steel buckle and fine stitching.

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Black Padded
Item #: X1-08831
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The Dover Saddlery® Flash Noseband is made from hand-selected leathers. It boasts extra-fine stitching, hand-rubbed edges and stainless steel hardware usually found in bridle parts costing twice as much. A great replacement noseband for your dressage bridle!


Flash Bridles
The flash bridle is a snaffle bridle that takes its name from the type of noseband it features: a French caveson/crank noseband that has a flash strap (usually removable). Preferred by dressage riders and those in jumping disciplines, the flash noseband keeps a horse's jaws aligned and prevents the horse from opening its mouth to avoid bit and rein aids. It transfers some of the pressure of the bit from the bars to the nasal bone.

The flash strap further reduces the ability for the horse to open its mouth or cross its jaws and prevents the horse from yielding to the bit through the lower jaw instead of through proper bending at the poll. A properly adjusted flash strap should not compress the horse's nostrils. The buckle should not rest against the horse's lips, where it could pinch or rub.

The crownpiece of a flash bridle can be either single or traditional. A single crown has the noseband hanger incorporated into its design, and it buckles on each side of the horse's face. A single crownpiece is usually contoured around the horse's ears and discreetly padded for comfort. A traditional crown allows for left-to-right adjustment of the noseband, as it is a continual piece, while on the horse's head. The noseband buckles only on one side.

Flash bridles come in brown and black leather. Styling on brown leather flash bridles, typically seen with jumping saddles, can be plain raised or fancy-stitched and may have a browband with simple decoration, such as a clincher. Styling on black leather flash bridles, typically seen in dressage, is usually plain raised. Browbands can be embellished by a variety of decorative elements, from clinchers to beads or crystals. The types of reins most commonly used with a flash bridle are web reins (especially in dressage) or rubber reins (especially for jumping).