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Samshield® Custom Shadowmatt® Helmet**

Samshield® Custom Shadowmatt® Helmet** 0036609_1.jpg 0036609_10.jpg 0036609_11.jpg 0036609_2.jpg 0036609_3.jpg 0036609_4.jpg 0036609_5.jpg 0036609_6.jpg 0036609_7.jpg 0036609_8.jpg 0036609_9.jpg
Colors/Options: Black Brown Navy

Samshield® Custom Shadowmatt® Helmet**

Create a look all your own with this Samshield® Custom Shadowmatt® Helmet**. Beautifully shaped to flatter and well ventilated for comfort, the Shadowmatt Helmet features a long-wearing outer and comfortable washable liner. Allow 10-12 weeks for delivery. 

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Item #: X1-36609
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How to Check Helmet Fit
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With the Samshield® Custom Shadowmatt® Helmet**, you can create a unique look that reflects your personality! This helmet has a sophisticated design that provides exceptional ventilation under the visor and through the shell. The elegant outer shell is scratch-resistant and durable. A memory foam liner conforms to your head and won’t compress; it’s also removable and washable.

Use the drop-down lists to choose your custom shell color. Then choose your top color/material, trim color/material and whether to have Swarovski® stones embedded in the trim. Lastly, specify your blason/air vent choice. You may also choose to provide a sponsor or team logo, your name or your country’s flag. Please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery. **ASTM F1163-15/SEI Certified.


How to Check Helmet Fit
Follow these steps when you're deciding whether a helmet size and style is right for you.

Check the overall fit. A correctly sized helmet sits down snugly on your head and covers your entire skull with equal pressure all around. No gap exists between your helmet and your head; even pressure with the lining allows the helmet to absorb force in the event of an accident.

If you feel the helmet wants to rise or pop upward from your head, then it is too small. If the helmet is loose around your head and sitting low on the eyebrows, it is too large.

Try to wiggle the helmet up and down. The skin on your forehead and your eyebrows should move with the helmet. If the helmet slides freely and your skin doesn't move, then it is too large for your head. Shake your head from side to side and up and down. The helmet should not pivot on your head. If it does, then the helmet is too large.

While a slightly large helmet may feel very comfortable initially, if you select one that does not fit snugly when it is new, it will become too large over time as the lining breaks in. A large helmet will shift during riding, could become a distraction and will not protect you well during a fall.

If you are trying on an adjustable helmet and the fit is very close to being correct, you may tighten it through the use of slides, dials, changeable padding or ties, and repeat these tests. Otherwise, try another size, style or brand of helmet.

Check the brim. The front brim should not sit more than two fingers' width above your eyebrows. It should not sit any lower than 1/2" above your eyebrows or it could block your vision. If the brim does not sit correctly, try a different helmet that is either deeper or shallower.

Adjust the chin strap. When you're sure the helmet stays in place without the harness, adjust the chin strap so that it fits snugly under your chin. It should be able to hold the helmet in place, but not be so tight as to cause discomfort against your throat or make you feel as though you can't swallow or might choke. Some helmets have sliding clips that allow you to adjust the harness for comfort around the ears.

When you find your perfect helmet, you'll discover an added benefit- it will flatter the shape of your face.

Tip: Got long hair?
If you plan on wearing long or thick hair under your helmet, the length of your hair or the way you tie it up may change the way your helmet sits on your head. You want to be sure that your hair lies as flat to your head as possible under your helmet. To achieve both a snug helmet fit and a neat appearance, consider using two hair nets and the step-by-step method shown here:
  • Hair and hair net are gathered into a ponytail holder. Note the traditional styling of the hair covering the top half of the ear.
  • Position ponytail like this, laying it as flat as possible against the head, and place a second hair net over the hair and pony tail.
  • Tilt your head forward to slide on the helmet, putting it on from the back first, with the harness settling over the ponytail holder, and working toward the front.
  • Tuck in your hair and hair net over your forehead neatly so that neither shows under the brim.
Note: If you change the length of your hair, it may affect the way your helmet fits.

Helmet must have been purchased within the last 4 years to be covered under the policy.

Contact the manufacturer directly.