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Curry on a Stik’

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Curry on a Stik’

Curry on a Stik’ is a patent-pending, double-sided, therapeutic grooming tool for use on equines and other animals. It massages skin, muscles and fascia, releases natural oils in skin and coat and stimulates circulation. Attached to the ergonomic handle, one side has course cone-shaped teeth and the other side has flexible fine teeth perfect for sensitive areas of the animal. 

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Item #: X1-220520
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Curry on a Stik’ is a patent-pending, professional-grade therapeutic grooming and massage tool for use on horses, ponies, dogs and other animals. It designed to make grooming and bathing easy and effective.

Curry on a Stik was developed by a husband and wife team working studiously to create, design, test and perfect the details of the brush for more than two years. Having reviewed nearly every available curry on the market, the team is confident Curry on a Stik is the best grooming brush available.

It feature an ergonomic handle and offers double-sided grooming with course cone-shaped teeth on one side and flexible fine teeth on the other for use on sensitive areas. Durable, veterinarian- tested and approved, it is made of TPE rubber.

Key benefits:

  • Massages skin, muscles and fascia.
  • Dual-sided currying action.
  • Releases natural coat oils.
  • Stimulates circulation.