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Creative Escapes Coloring Book: Wild Horses

Skyhorse Publishing

Creative Escapes Coloring Book: Wild Horses

Get a copy of Skyhorse Publishing's Creative Escapes Adult Coloring: Wild Horses and let your mind run free with these stunning and beloved creatures. Pick up some colored pencils and join the magnificent horses in picturesque settings such as the countryside, open ranges, pastures and deserts. A wonderful way to relax and escape stress. 46 illustrations.

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Item #: X1-34137
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Skyhorse Publishing's Creative Escapes Adult Coloring Book: Wild Horses lets you wander through the countryside, experiencing the beauty of nature and the delicate breeze that rustles through the untouched wilderness. Grab a handful of colored pencils and add your own creative color choices to these picturesque 46 black-and-white illustrations of majestic horses galloping freely. Join the horses in open ranges, pastures, deserts and more. Horses have proven to be some of the most relaxing animals on earth. Studies have shown that time spent with and caring for these gentle animals can dramatically reduce stress levels in both children and adults. The simplicity of spending time with a horse puts one’s mind at ease, as is the case with many animals. The beauty and benefits of these amazing animals comes through the pages of this coloring book as you fill in the outlines with beautiful colors. Look over the fences and beyond the confines of the stables—discover the wonders that lie out on the open range.