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Collegiate® ComFiTec™ Sheepskin Bridle

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Colors/Options: Black Brown

Collegiate® ComFiTec™ Sheepskin Bridle

The Collegiate® ComFiTec™ Sheepskin Bridle features a removable sheepskin lining on the noseband to provide extra comfort. An anatomical comfort design in high-quality leather, it also includes a curved browband inset with crystals. 

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Item #: X1-120164
List: $159.99
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An ergonomically comfortable design, this Collegiate® ComFiTec™ Sheepskin Bridle features a removable sheepskin lining on the noseband for extra comfort. The curved browband is inset with a single row of crystals for a hint of bling.

This bridle is crafted from high-quality European leather. The anatomically shaped crownpiece helps distribute pressure evenly across the poll for maximum comfort. Double padding over the crown helps minimize pressure; shaped padding around the horse’s ears allows optimal freedom and comfort.

The ergonomically shaped noseband with removable sheepskin comfort lining helps to alleviate pressure on the upper jaw and molar teeth. The cheek strap and padded cheek ring alleviate pressure on facial nerves. Reins are sold separately.

Wipe leather only with clean cloth; use leather cleaner and conditioner as needed.

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How to Attach a Nameplate to a Halter, Bridle, Martingale or Breastplate

Required Tools: will need a leather hole punch, hammer and pencil.

1. Unwrap your nameplate and identify the rivets as having two posts and two caps.
2. Center the plate where you would like it ; mark its holes with pencil.
3. Use the hole punch centered on the pencil marks. A good quality hole punch with appropriate pressure applied should be able to penetrate even thick leather halters.
4. Push the rivet posts through the back of the tack so the posts are pointed toward you.
5. Put the nameplate on rivet posts.
6. Place rivet caps onto the posts, and tap the caps with a hammer.

Note: If you do not feel comfortable installing your own nameplate, we are happy to help. Bring your plate and tack into your local Dover Saddlery store for assistance. Your local leather repair professional or cobbler may also be able to assist you.