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Circuit Premier Dressage Saddle

Colors/Options: Medium Medium Wide Wide

Circuit Premier Dressage Saddle

This Circuit Premier Dressage Saddle will appeal to dressage riders preferring a moderate saddle. Designed with a medium deep seat and narrow twist, it includes two differently sized sets of front and rear blocks that can be removed or swapped easily. Wool flocked panels, a wide channel and double “V” billeting system allow for a comfortable fit on the horse.

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Circuit Premier Dressage Trial Saddle
Item #: X1-TR291
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The Circuit Premier Dressage Saddle combines a medium-deep seat with a narrow twist, making it a good choice for riders that prefer a more moderate saddle. Long-lasting, full-grain leather flaps arrive slightly pre-oiled. For horse comfort, wool flocked panels include a thin layer of foam toward the horse to prevent lumps, and a wide channel provides spinal clearance. This dressage saddle comes with two sets of front and rear blocks, one large and one smaller, which can be removed or swapped easily based on rider preference. A double “V” billeting system allows for more specific girthing depending on the horse’s conformation. The saddle is built on a wooden spring tree that carries a lifetime tree warranty and is offered in a full range of seat sizes and tree widths.