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The Largest Range of Helmets Independently Certified to up to Four International Equestrian Safety Standards
A leading manufacturer of premium riding helmets and body protectors, Charles Owen uses advanced computer simulation and impact analysis to understand at a microscopic level how to maximize the dissipation of energy from impact by using complex combinations of materials. When you try on a Charles Owen helmet, you’ll experience a comfortable micro-fit that molds to the shape of your head and flattering look in an aesthetically pleasing design. In a body protector, you’ll enjoy the comfort of an anatomic fit and the freedom to soar. to performance and looks in and out of the saddle. Some helmets include the latest in brain protection technology: the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS®), which reduces tangential forces transmitted to the brain during impact.

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The Charles Owen Story

Charles Owen established his company in 1911 with a vision to create a safer world. Since that time, Charles Owen as a company has gained a stellar reputation for producing topnotch riding helmets, skull caps and body protectors for equestrians. The products are aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, but the main emphasis of every design is on meeting the strictest of international safety standards to offer the most comprehensive protection for any possible situation

As a result, Charles Owen offers the largest collection of riding helmets that are independently certified to up to four international equestrian safety standards. All are subject to random, independent batch testing to ensure the highest level of protection is consistently met. And, the expertise of Charles Owen design engineers is in demand. Its engineers represent Great Britain on the European Standards of Safety committee and are leading members of the ASTM (American Society of the Testing of Materials) in the United States.

“Quality is Paramount” at Charles Owen

From its state-of-the-art facility in Great Britain, Charles Owen analyzes real-life accident situations and applies cutting-edge research to create its products. Advanced computer simulation helps the engineers create designs offer riders optimal protection at impact. Additionally, all Charles Owen helmets are handcrafted in the United Kingdom with adherence to strict quality and construction standards.

Charles Owen as a company continues to thrive as a familyrun organization. It’s now in its third generation of success under the direction of Owen’s grandson, Roy Burek. The mission has remained the same, but the products have made their way to markets in all parts of the world. Plenty of stock options are available, but should you wish to create a personalized look, dozens of option are available to create your own helmet or body protector.