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Ceecoach® Duo Pak

0270019_1.jpg 0270019_2.jpg Ceecoach® Duo Pak
Colors/Options: Pink

Ceecoach® Duo Pak

With the CEECOACH® Duo Kit, busy riding rings, windy days and any number of other factors won’t affect communication between your riding coach and you. This hands-free communication device leverages Bluetooth™ technology to permit private, high-quality, two-way communication. Easy to operate and comfortable to wear, even from the saddle!

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Item #: X1-270019
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The CEECOACH® Duo Kit supports stress-free training sessions for riders, horses and coaches. CEECOACH is the ideal hands-free communication device for trainers and students, whether used in private lessons, group lessons, clinics or trail rides. More reliable than radio systems, CEECOACH leverages Bluetooth™ technology to provide private, high-quality, two-way communication. This tool can be used with one moderator and up to five participants to provide superior sound quality, easy and intuitive operation, high battery performance and fast plug-and-play connection. The modern, award-winning design features a splash-proof, dust-proof case that’s well suited to the equine environment. Three operation modes are selected with ease.  

Trainer mode allows the coach to talk to up to five participants who can listen and respond. Participant mode allows a participant to initiate an active conversation with the trainer and all other participants can listen only. Private mode allows the trainer and only one student to hear the active conversation. This CEECOACH Duo Pak includes two CEECOACH modules, two clip mounts, two premium headsets, two USB cables, one USB dual charger and one manual. CEECOACH Single Paks are sold separately to enable you to add devices to your system.


Made in Germany.