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Herm Sprenger® Fillis Stirrups Stirrup Irons

A stirrup iron in the English riding disciplines suspends from a narrow strip of leather and offers a flat base of support for the ball of the rider’s foot to assist with mounting and riding. Stirrup irons got their name from centuries’ old versions that were originally forged from iron. Today, they can be made from long-wearing stainless steel, lightweight composite materials, aluminum and even heavy-duty colored plastic. Styles of stirrups vary now just as widely, from traditional Fillis irons to peacock "safety" stirrups to designs that relieve stress on the rider’s joints, remove excess weight or make proper leg positioning easier to achieve. No matter what style of stirrup irons you prefer, Dover Saddlery has you covered.

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Your choice of stirrups will be influenced by your riding discipline — especially if you compete. No matter what style of stirrup irons you prefer, Dover Saddlery has you covered.

Pleasure riders can select any type of stirrup they find comfortable. But in competition in the English disciplines, hunter, jumper, dressage, and event riders should check and adhere to the latest version of the USEF Rulebook. Fillis irons are always acceptable and popular, offering the most classic look. Always made of stainless steel in varying degrees, Fillis stirrups come at all price points from the most budget-friendly to premium. Offset eye irons, a variation on the Fillis iron, help keep the stirrup leather flat against the rider’s leg, thereby offering assistance in keeping the stirrup straight against the ball of the foot. Flex stirrups, another take on the classic Fillis iron, feature insets in each branch of the stirrup, while quick release stirrups are made to release a rider’s foot in the event of a fall. Finally, breakaway stirrups have the appearance of a solid Fillis iron from a distance, but up close one can see that a branch is designed on a hinge that gives way if needed. Peacock stirrups fit into this type, with a rubber ring making up one branch of the stirrup. With all stirrup types, you will find composite or aluminum stirrups eliminate excess weight.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the types of stirrups allowed in your riding discipline, you’re better equipped to start shopping our wide selection of styles from all the leading brands. Before you place your order, be sure to select the right size for your riding boots.