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Horse reins create that all-important connection between a horse's bit and a rider's hands. Reins for the English riding disciplines come in a variety of materials, styles, widths and thicknesses that combine to provide performance-specific benefits. Standard English rein length is 54", but pony size (48"), cob size (52") and oversize (60") are also available. While many snaffle and full bridles come with a matching set of reins, swapping out reins for personal preference, or due to wear, is easy with our wide selection. Discover choices at all price points from top brands, such as Passier®, Vespucci, Nunn Finer, ThinLine and Suffolk™, at all price points and for daily riding or showing.

Premier icon Collegiate® One-Sided Rubber Reins IV
Collegiate® One-Sided Rubber Reins IV
List: $58.99
Dover's Price:
Premier icon Collegiate® Rubber Reins IV
Collegiate® Rubber Reins IV
List: $69.99
Dover's Price:
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