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BugPellent® is non-toxic, chemical-free pest control that works continuously without batteries, flames or electricity. BugPellent can be hung anywhere to repel various types of flies, mosquitoes, ticks and gnats, and it reduces the number of spiders that take up residence.

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Item #: X1-23212
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BugPellent® is continuous, chemical-free pest control that works. Non-toxic and economically refillable, BugPellent hangs in your stable, run-ins, garage, patio or any other spot where insects are a nuisance. A solid natural insect repellent with a patented vapor design disperses a pleasant vapor continually without batteries, flames or electricity. People love the smell, but flies, mosquitoes, ticks, black flies and gnats hate it, leaving you and your animals in peace. It also reduces the number of spiders that take up residence. This system replaces barn-wide spray systems that can expose people and animals to toxic chemicals. Pyrethrin-free, pyrethrum-free and pyrethoid-free, BugPellent contains nine natural essential oils and organic waxes. With no sticky strips or message bags, it simply hangs easily anywhere you need it. Each refill lasts up to two months.