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Ovation® Breastplate Dees

Ovation® Breastplate Dees

Attach your breastplate to your saddle securely with these Ovation® Breastplate Dees.

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Item #: X1-0910
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Ovation® Breastplate Dees attach your breastplate to your saddle in the most secure and strong manner.

While a breastplate helps keep saddles for jumpers and cross-country course riders in place and stable, breastplate dees provide a more secure, strong and reliable means of attaching the breastplate to your saddle than the dees sewn to the front of your saddle. The dees on your saddle are more appropriately used for a grab strap or for attaching a small bag of horse treats or other light gear for trail riding.  

These breastplate dees each have a loop that hooks around the stirrup bar, which is an integrated component of a saddle and much stronger than a sewn-in dee. At the other end of the loop, a sturdy dee attaches to the neck piece of a breastplate.