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Betty’s Best StripHair® Gentle Groomer™

Betty's Best

Betty’s Best StripHair® Gentle Groomer™

Item #: X1-100094
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Betty’s Best StripHair® Gentle Groomer™ is a convenient, all-in-one grooming tool for use on horses and dogs. It offers multipurpose functionality to remove dried mud and sweat, shed loose hair, lather shampoo during baths, and slick, shine and massage all areas of the body with exceptional comfort. As StripHair removes loose hair, dirt and dander, it brings out the natural shine of the hair as it distributes skin’s natural oils.

Durable, flexible, grippy and sanitary, it is made from a proprietary, natural rubber blend that includes natural oils for added performance and benefit. This patent-pending tool has a:

  • Gentle Grooming Edge that applies even, comfortable pressure to bring dirt and dander to the surface while removing loose hair; it also scrapes off rinse water after shampooing.
  • Effective Cleaning Diamonds that gently dislodge dried mud, aerate a sweaty coat, loosen shedding hair and lather shampoo. They also stimulate blood circulation to benefit the skin, coat and muscles. In helping to distribute skin’s natural oils throughout the coat, it creates softness and shine.

Perfectly flexible, StripHair Gentle Groomer is effective and safe to use on every part of the body, including face and legs.


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