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Bates Caprilli Close Contact Classic Saddle

Colors/Options: Brown

Bates Caprilli Close Contact Classic Saddle

Item #: X1-150095
List: $2,295.00
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The Bates Caprilli Close Contact Classic Saddle offers riders the benefits and appearance of traditional Heritage Leather with the bonus of Luxe Leather, made from the finest calf leather, to provide unsurpassed level of grip where it is needed most.

Weighing just 13 pounds, this jumping saddle is compatible with the EASY-CHANGE™ Fit Solution, comprised of the EASY-CHANGE Gullet system and the EASY-CHANGE Riser system. It offers a total saddle fitting solution for absolute horse comfort.

The EASY-CHANGE Gullet system lets you select the appropriate sized gullet plate for your horse’s current shape and muscling. The EASY-CHANGE Riser system lets you make adjustments within the saddle panels for optimal balance and clearance with the. All adjustments are measurable, symmetrical and completely reversible, ensuring total confidence in the saddle’s ability to be custom fitted to your horse’s changing shape for optimal comfort and performance.

Key Features:

  • Flat seat with narrow twist.
  • Padded knee inserts to support comfortable landings.
  • Ergonomic stirrup bars.
  • Adjustable front and rear Flexiblocs to enable you to customize the support for your legs and individualized riding position.
  • Broad and tapered CAIR® panels offering tremendous support for the horse’s back and allowing maximum freedom of movement. CAIR panels distribute your weight and cushion your horse’s back as air continually molds dynamically to mirror your horse’s individual conformation and working muscles.
  • Quilted, drop panel points.
  • Short triple billet system.
  • Elastiflex tree, supported by the EASY-CHANGE Gullet, has a rigid head to maintain clearance over your horse’s withers. It also has lateral flexion to work with your horse’s muscular movements in every stride. Precision engineered to be lightweight, symmetrical and ultra-durable.