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Highly Specialized Saddles for Every Riding Discipline
Every Bates saddle is engineered to bring out the best in both you and your horse. Whether you jump, ride dressage, event or enjoy leisure rides, innovations in Bates saddle design coupled with fine European leathers provide instantaneous comfort, optimal balance and seamless close contact.

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The Bates Story

In collaboration with physicists, veterinarians and saddle fitters, Bates led the way in making saddles easily adjustable as horses and riders change. Bates offers a variety of fits, styles and technologies that ensure a perfectly fitting saddle. All models for any discipline focus equally on the comfort of horse and rider, which in turn allows for harmony to be achieved.

Advanced Technology

For the horse, one of the most notable technologies found in the Bates saddle collection is the CAIR® Cushion System. Like all saddle panel systems, it is designed to distribute the rider’s weight and protect the horse’s back. CAIR panels use air-filled cushions rather than traditional filler so that they can adjust continuously to the horse’s active muscles to eliminate pressure points and absorb shock.

For the rider, Bates’ narrow twist design and Ergonomic Stirrup Bar remove at least one thickness of leather from under the rider’s thigh, ensuring comfort and close contact. Bates’ FlexiContourbloc® and adjustable Flexibloc Systems allow riders to customize the support the saddle offers to the leg positions. Blocks can be repositioned or removed as needed.

Lastly, Bates Saddles are made of hand-selected European leathers of fine quality. All leather choices offer a classic look and ensure that with proper care, the saddle will last for years.