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Back on Track® Mesh Dog Blanket

Colors/Options: Black

Back on Track® Mesh Dog Blanket

With the Back on Track® Mesh Dog Blanket, your best friend can enjoy all the benefits soothing, therapeutic warmth. Whether old, young, working, competitive or a lay-about, your dog will appreciate the way revolutionary Welltex® fabric helps relieve soreness and pain, relaxes stiff muscles and reduces inflammation. A drug-free way to improve your dog’s comfort, activity level and quality of life.

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Designed with all dogs in mind, the Back on Track® Mesh Dog Blanket uses your dog’s own body warmth to create soothing, therapeutic warmth. Young or old dogs, hardworking canine athletes and the family pet will all benefit from the natural therapy this blanket provides.

It’s made of breathable mesh material lined with revolutionary Welltex® fabric, which is infused with ceramic powder. The ceramic particles reflect body warmth in the form of FAR infrared waves. This gentle warmth helps increase circulation, relax sore or stiff muscles, ease the discomfort of arthritis, reduce inflammation and can therefore help keep your dog comfortable and active. You’ll find this blanket to be ideal for both prevention and injury recovery. 

Because it’s lightweight, this Mesh Dog Blanket may be used in hot weather, between competition events, layered under another blanket, after bathing or when rain has dampened your dog’s fur. Lacing at the front of the blanket allows for adjustability. An attached wrap-around belly strap keeps blanket in place, and strategically placed openings allow for the attachment of a leash and for the dog’s tail to move freely. Reflectors on each side help to enhance visibility.

*Introduce the Back on Track Mesh Dog Blanket gradually to your dog to allow him to become accustomed to its beneficial effects. Let your dog wear it for a maximum of four hours per day for the first two to three days, then let your dog wear it overnight. Physical responses to the Mesh Dog Blanket vary. Do not use on pregnant dogs.

To determine the size required, measure your dog from collar to base of tail while dog is standing. Make sure head is in a neutral position, not too high or too low. Take into consideration the build of your dog and whether he is wide, thin, holds his tail up or lets it hang low. Once you have the measurement, you may notice that multiple sizes might fit your dog. This is because there is a 2-3" inch zipper opening that you can put your dogs tail through, mostly for those breeds that carries their tail high. Back on Track recommends considering the smaller size of blanket and not going up a size because of this opening. The end measurement of the size range is the end of the tail opening to serve as a form of placement on the dog, once you have a collar-to-base-of-tail measurement.


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