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The Science & Art of Riding With Lightness

The Science & Art of Riding With Lightness

The Science & Art of Riding With Lightness: Understanding Training-Induced Problems, Their Avoidance and Remedies, by Robert Stodulka, DVM. This book is the long awaited English translation of the authoritative best seller, Medizinische Reitlehre. 

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"Every action of the rider has an impact on the health and well-being of the horse, either positive or negative, resulting in looseness or tension." But what are the causes? The Science and Art of Riding with Lightness offers a biomechanical problem-solving approach to training challenges. Written by internationally respected author and veterinarian, Robert Stodulka, it clarifies training mistakes and the problems they cause in the horse’s way of going. This book also describes how to use training and physical-therapeutic measures to correct them.

Dr. Stodulka combines his knowledge of the French masters with modern scientifically-proven biomechanics to help every horse improve in wellness, while supporting the progression of training.

An essential read for riders and veterinarians seeking a comprehensive, holistic approach to horsemanship, these techniques improve equine behavior by restoring lightness and balance under the weight of the rider. Dr. Stodulka's work coherently reveals the interplay between the biomechanics of the horse and dressage exercises to help maintain healthy, sound horses. With this knowledge, riders will gain knowledgeable that is beneficial to rehabilitating injured horses for a return to daily work and competition. This book will also assist veterinarians in being better able to assess training-induced disorders to become more successful advisers of therapies for the rider to employ with a view toward training optimization.

Xenophon Press Paperback. 324 pages.