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Ariat® Girls' Heritage Side-Zip Jod

Colors/Options: Tan

Ariat® Girls' Heritage Side-Zip Jod

Ariat® Girls' Heritage Side-Zip Jodhpur riding pants provide just the right look for competition. Made of breathable, four-way stretch cotton twill, this low-rise jod is styled with a slim fit, synthetic suede knee patechs and front pockets.

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Item #: X1-35685
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Ariat® Girls’ Heritage Side-Zip Jods offer just the right look for competition. Breathable, four-way stretch cotton twill with European slim fit with a modified low rise. Synthetic suede knee patches, stylized front pockets, belt loops. V3® waist.

Machine wash.
95% cotton/5% spandex.
Low-rise breeches came along with the fashionable trend of low-rise jeans and casual pants. However, low-rise breech designs from every brand have evolved to ensure that the stylish look of a short rise in front doesn’t compromise the desire for modest coverage in back. Most low-rise breeches are cut higher in back so that when you assume your two-point position or sit deeply in your dressage saddle, you remain discreetly covered. When shopping Dover Saddlery for low-rise breeches, you will commonly see the phrase “modified rise” to describe this type of cut. A couple of other thoughts to keep in mind regarding low-rise breeches include belt length. Although low-rise breeches sit somewhere near your hips, the sizing still runs according to waist size. When ordering a belt to fit your low-rise breeches, be sure to measure yourself where the pant’s waistband will rest and order your belt according to that measurement. Additionally, if you plan to compete, consider how your show coat will look when paired with a low-rise breech. A coat with a fashionably short hem or an extremely body-conscious cut may not look best with a low-rise breech. Often, a mid-rise or high-rise breech achieves the optimal, polished presentation with a show coat.
Tips for Washing Your Breeches

Make your breeches last by following manufacturer's washing instructions closely. Prior to washing, close any zippers and hook-and-loop ankle fasteners. Turn breeches inside out to protect metal logo plaques, knee patches and full seats from abrasions.

Breeches with faux-suede or faux-leather seats, knee patches or trim may be washed with a gentle laundry detergent unless manufacturer's recommendations say otherwise. Breeches with deerskin or other genuine leather trim must be washed with a product formulated to protect and clean leather.

Hang all breeches to dry naturally even when instructions allow machine drying.