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Ariat® Girls' Heritage Breeches

0035640_5.jpg 0035640_1.jpg 0035640_2.jpg Ariat® Girls' Heritage Breeches
Colors/Options: Tan

Ariat® Girls' Heritage Breeches

In the Ariat® Heritage Breech, the young rider can move easily from the schooling ring to the show ring. This versatile, comfortable and traditional children's breech has four-way stretch for freedom of movement, a bulk-free fit at the calf and Ariat's patented V3® waist.

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Item #: X1-35640
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Clothing Fabric Technologies Explained
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Ariat products may only be shipped to addresses within the United States.

The Ariat® Heritage Breech for children has the versatility and style to go from the practice ring to the show ring. It’s made of classic stretch cotton twill that’s both durable enough for everyday use and polished enough for competition. Built-in four-way stretch keeps the rider moving easily and feeling comfortable for long hours at the barn. Ariat's patented Calf Fit System™ (CFS) accommodates any leg shape while eliminating bulk inside tall boots or half chaps.

The patented V3® waist maintains the perfect fit while riding. This breech is traditionally styled with front zipper, a flattering mid rise and two hip pockets. Synthetic suede knee patches offer just the right amount of grip.

Machine wash.
Four-way stretch cotton twill.

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Clothing Fabric Technologies Clarified
This glossary of fabric terminologies is designed to help you choose riding clothes to best suit your needs and climate.

Breathable:Fabric is woven so tiny holes let vapor pass through. In other words, warm, moist air from your body escapes. Fabrics can also be chemically treated to vent inner air while providing water resistance. Breathable fabrics can be natural (cotton, silk) or manmade (polyester, nylon).

Moisture-Wicking: Fabric is either constructed in a funnel-like weave or chemically treated to transport wetness from the inner surface to the outer surface. There, moisture evaporates efficiently, so the fabric doesn’t feel heavy or wet to wear. Fabrics can be naturally wicking (wool) or manmade (polyester).

Cooling Fabrics:IceFil®, and similar proprietary fabrics, use chemical treatments to convert perspiration to energy. The conversion creates a cooling sensation on your skin that can make you feel some degrees cooler. It works best in high humidity.

Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF):All fabrics offer some level of ultraviolet (UV) protection, but some are rated with a UPF. The weave and the denier of any fabric contribute to its UPR. UV rays penetrate fabric through tiny holes in the weave. A tightly woven fabric thus offers more coverage than a loosely woven fabric, and a heavier fabric offers more coverage than a thin fabric. However, lightweight summer fabrics can offer enhanced UV protection through the use of finishing treatments that block UV rays. What does a fabric rating of UPF50 mean? It indicates that 1/50th of UV rays can penetrate the fabric.

Best of All Worlds
Clothing that offers a combination of breathability and moisture wicking is a must for staying comfortable on a very hot day. For your ultimate comfort in high humidity, choose clothing made of cooling fabric. Most garments made of cooling fabric have a UPF rating, but you’ll also find moisture-wicking garments that come with a rating, too.
Tips for Washing Your Breeches

Make your breeches last by following manufacturer's washing instructions closely. Prior to washing, close any zippers and hook-and-loop ankle fasteners. Turn breeches inside out to protect metal logo plaques, knee patches and full seats from abrasions.

Breeches with faux-suede or faux-leather seats, knee patches or trim may be washed with a gentle laundry detergent unless manufacturer's recommendations say otherwise. Breeches with deerskin or other genuine leather trim must be washed with a product formulated to protect and clean leather.

Hang all breeches to dry naturally even when instructions allow machine drying.