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Thank you for your interest in the ARIA Riding Instructors Support Program.

At Dover Saddlery, we believe that quality riding instruction by certified instructors is essential for students to improve their riding in a safe and controlled environment. Support your ARIA certified riding instructor with this rewarding program!

How Can You Participate?

To support your ARIA certified riding instructor, please first select your state from the drop down below. Then please click the name of your instructor. You will then be automatically redirected to the Dover Saddlery homepage, where you can begin shopping. Your instructor will earn points towards Dover Saddlery gift certificates!

Our Gift to You! The first time you shop with Dover Saddlery through this program, you will receive a free Dover Saddlery Hoof Pick.

It is very important that you click on your instructor's name in order to gain rewards!

First Select Your State:

Then select a Certified Instructor: