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Ohio Pet Applezz N' Oats Horse Treats

0022614_2.jpg 0022614_1.jpg Ohio Pet Applezz N' Oats Horse Treats

Ohio Pet Applezz N' Oats Horse Treats

You can feel good about giving your horse Ohio Pet Applezz N' Oats Horse Treats. Made with all-natural ingredients, these crunchy horse cookies are shaped like four-leaf clovers for luck.

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3 lbs
Item #: X1-22614
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All-natural Ohio Pet Applezz N’ Oats Horse Treats are an easy way to show your horse affection or to offer as a reward during training. These crunchy four-leaf clover-shaped cookies contain dried apple pomace, oat groats, cane molasses, rolled oats, brewers dried yeast, ground corn, dehydrated alfalfa meal and flaxseed meal.

Applezz NÆ Oats

Ingredients: Dried Apple Pomace, Oat Groats, Cane Molasses, Rolled Oats, Brewers Dried Yeast, Ground Corn, Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Flax Seed Meal.