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Anti-Sweat Sheets

Anti-sweat sheets, also called Irish Knits, are made of cotton or cotton blend in a loose, mesh-like weave. Placed on a sweaty or freshly bathed horse, an anti-sweat sheet prevents the horse from getting chilled while his coat dries. Holes in the weave allow hot air from the horse’s body to escape, while the mesh itself helps protect against drafts. An anti-sweat sheet should be monitored while it is on a horse as the fibers can become saturated if the horse is extremely wet. Once saturation occurs, the sheet should be replaced with another anti-sweat sheet or a cooler if the horse isn’t dry. In very cold temperatures, you may want to layer a cooler on top of an anti-sweat sheet. We offer a selection of Irish knits from several leading manufacturers.

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An anti-sweat sheet will help keep your horse comfortable by helping him dry after a workout or bath. Choose an anti-sweat sheet in a variety of fabrics, weights, styles and constructions with either buckle or surcingle closures. Because anti-sweat sheets are available in fleece, cotton, polyester and more, you'll have no problem finding one that will dry your horse off effectively, wicking moisture away from his body. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, customizable anti-sweat sheets are also available for a personalized product.