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AgSilver™ Daily Strength WoundSpray


AgSilver™ Daily Strength WoundSpray

AgSilver™ Daily Strength WoundSpray™ is formulated with colloidal silver to help prevent the growth of bacterial and fungal organisms in wounds without the use of antibiotics. Use this wound spray daily on fresh scrapes, nicks, laceration and on other skin irritations. 4 oz.

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Item #: X1-220001
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AgSilver™ Daily Strength WoundSpray™ for horses prevents the growth of bacterial and fungal organisms in wounds. Use it on fresh cuts, scrapes and nicks and to treat scratches, rain rot, thrush and other skin irritations. This wound spray contains a colloidal silver suspension formulated for direct skin application. Silver is historically recognized for its antimicrobial properties and ability to kill bacteria, molds and fungi. The Daily Strength line is intended as a daily preventative application. AgSilver products are free of antibiotics. 4 ounces.