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How to Select The Right Size Stirrup Iron

No matter what kind of iron you plan to ride in, the most important aspect is correct sizing. Your irons should be one inch wider than the width of your boot at the ball of the foot. When your foot is in place, you should have ½ inch of space on each side.

While you don’t want your boot to fit too snugly into your iron, you also don’t want your stirrup to be too wide. This could allow your foot could slip “home” more easily, and you may struggle to keep your stirrups the correct position on the balls of your feet.

Helpful Hint:Buying a new pair of winter boots? Remember to check the width of your stirrups. Winter boots are usually wider than all season boots.

Curious?Ever wonder why stirrups on an English saddle are called irons? The answer is simple—they were originally crafted of iron!

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