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The Fall season brings a lot of exciting events; back to school, a change of seasons, daylight savings… but for equitation riders, fall means Finals are right on the horizon!

Whether you've qualified to compete at nationals or for a regional or state level medal, you've worked hard to achieve a significant goal. We interviewed some United States Equestrian Federation licensed judges to put together this list of equitation tips to help you get that competitive edge for finishing your show season successfully. Our questions came from you, our customers, who regularly ask about show coats, riding boots, tack and grooming horses for show.

All of the judges we spoke with emphasized that they are first and foremost watching your ride and your equitation. No amount of elbow grease or sparkling tack will make up for weak riding. So ride without stirrups. Practice your trot jumps. Make sure your flat work is flawless and your transitions are seamless. However, some things can and do distract the judges' attention and detract from your overall presentation.

Equitation Turn Out Tips
Equitation Turn Out Tips

All of our judges said to pick a classic color, black, navy or green, for equitation and to avoid large logos, crystals or other decorations. Self colored buttons are best for eq, but all the judges emphasized that it made no difference whether the coat had 3 or 4 buttons.

Sometimes it's hard to get a perfect fit right off the rack, but a good tailor can usually take in a riding jacket at minimal cost for a custom look without the custom price.

Here are some suggestions for all budgets: